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Chicago Modern Quilt Guild April Meeting April 19, 2010

Yesterday was my first meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, a group of quilters who just began meeting a few months ago.  It was such a blast!  Lots of the members brought ongoing or finished projects to share, and I really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful quilts (and the poetry spool!).  We had a workshop led by Angela on ticker tape quilting.  Everyone brought a scrap bag to share and a placemat sized piece of material.  We dumped all the scraps out and started digging through for treasures!  It was so much fun getting to see all the fabrics people have used and combing bits and pieces in to a tickertape quilt.  I had trouble leaving the scrap table to actually assemble the quilt, and was one of the last stragglers of the meeting.  I’m so looking forward to next month’s meeting!


One Response to “Chicago Modern Quilt Guild April Meeting”

  1. debbi dw Says:

    I can’t believe you finished this that quickly! Love the binding with that background. Thanks for listing your blog on the guild ning site – I’ll be back!

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