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Peanut, the wee elephant May 11, 2010

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I’ve decided to attempt to make a stuffie! I’m using the how-to for a wee elephant from the book “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson. I got pretty stuck on the directions, they do NOT provide pictures with the instructions. I finally googled step by step and wee elephant and found a God send, the blog During Quiet Time which has step by step instructions with pictures! I’m pretty happy with peanut, I was thinking I’d give him to my friends’ three month old little girl, but now I’m not so sure! I love peanut! I think I’ll keep the prototype, it’s got a bit of a wonky curved trunk and a few imperfections. I had trouble joining the back piece to the belly piece and the under-trunk piece and they don’t quite fit together right.  I’d like to try again, I’ll have to get some cute pink fabrics for little Olivia’s elephant!


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