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Re-Discovering Quilting March 1, 2010

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My first foray in to the world of quilting was a beginner’s quilting class I took with a girlfriend in 2005.  We made basic quilts alternating squares with nine patches squares with one whole piece.  At the time, I firmly subscribed to the notion that quilts should be both beautiful and useful, and began with the ambitious goal of creating a queen size quilt.  I quickly got discouraged when piecing the top took the entire quilting class period and I was only about halfway to my goal.  I never even learned to do the actual quilting!  I set the project aside and didn’t pick it up again until November 2009.

I used a red fabric for the backing and the binding.

Over Christmas break, my mother in law, JoAnn (who is an expert, long time quilter) showed me some of her amazing quilts and I was inspired to both finish up the class quilt and attempt a baby quilt for a newborn coming in to the family.  The class quilt ended up being around  60 inches square, not even close to a queen, but much more useful as a finished quilt than it would have been as a pieced top in the closet!  And now I’m off and running, with a frequent customer card to JoAnn’s fabrics!